Why Love Haters and Trolls?

Haters—No matter what you call them, you need to love them. I don’t care what they called you, how many times they disliked your post, or what they said about your mama, you have got to love them. I have had haters all throughout my professional life. I’ve had them from my very first sales job after college all the way through becoming a New York Times best-seller. I still have them to this day! There are a few reasons how haters can be your biggest asset. I’ll share a few with you. I’ll tell you why you should change your mind about how you view your haters and trolls. Why love haters and trolls?

Why Love Haters and Trolls

Online trolling is defined as,

“a repetitive, disruptive online deviant behavior by an individual toward other individuals or groups”

It sounds negative. No one enjoys being criticized. And you may or may not believe me but you want it. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “All publicity is good publicity.” I prefer, “All attention is good attention.”


As hard as hearing and reading all this detraction can be, that’s not your real problem. Obscurity is your real problem.


If no one was saying anything on your social media, that would be an actual problem. Why? The thing is you won’t achieve massive success without attracting haters. As you get out of obscurity— on social media, but also in the real world— you should expect criticism. You may not even realize you’re being successful yet, but the haters will. When you start doing the right things, in the right quantity, those who aren’t doing anything are going to judge you. It doesn’t matter if you are getting people like this on your personal or your business pages, the principle is the same. Weak and overwhelmed people respond to others doing well by attacking them and their success.Don’t let it make you think you should get off social media altogether or make you start worrying, “ Should I have not posted that one extra picture or Tweet?”  I wouldn’t.

Why Love Haters and Trolls

The best way to handle hate is to view it as a sign of your success. Haters and trolls are a statistic, a measurement of how what you do is getting attention. Your fear of being attacked is keeping you from completely going for it if you view criticism as anything else. You don’t need to worry yourself about the haters, you need to ask yourself, “What am I doing right?” Then, maximize that. Do even more of those things. Do that and, all of a sudden, you’ll find yourself hunting for trolls instead of feeling hunted by them. 


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