Side Hustles Will Never Make you Rich

When you do the math, you’ll see that side hustles will never make you rich.


Did you know Uber drivers make a median income of $154 a month? That comes to $1,860 dollars a year, which means that it would take nearly 538 years to make $1 million— $1 million isn’t rich, by the way. It isn’t that you are not capable of becoming rich, you just aren’t going to live that long! I’m not telling you this to discourage you. I’m telling you this so I can help you put your focus on what will get you results. When you learn to control and focus on what matters, you’ll become a powerful and unstoppable person. That’s what I’ll show you how to do here. 

Side Hustles Will Never Make you Rich

There is nothing wrong with wanting to become unbelievably wealthy. Success is important in order to live a full life, but you need to identify why you want to do it. Those reasons are your purpose. Having a purpose will change your viewpoint on being successful entirely. It will transform success from an option to a duty, obligation, and responsibility. As long as you see it as an option, you won’t be driven enough to fulfill your potential. Commit to your purpose, it’s what you need to put your attention on. It is easier to stay committed when you are motivated by more than money. 


You may have guessed from my introduction, but I don’t like the concept of “side hustles.” It gives the impression that you’re not committed. Having a side hustle means you have a “main” hustle you’re not concentrating on. What results would you get if you completely fixated on your main hustle? In my life, I’ve found that when I commit 100% to any course of action, I have gotten immediate results. When I wasn’t, the results were delayed or never happened. I was in and out of sales five years before I decided to fully commit to it as my career. Before I did so, my performance was average at best. It was only once I was fully dedicated and obsessed with learning everything I could about sales, was I able to make income that could propel me towards my purpose. 

Side Hustles Will Never Make you Rich

The point is that if you want to become rich, you need to quit your side hustles. They’re not helping you. They are just distractions from what actions you should be giving your all. Also, stop looking for other options. Commit to and strengthen your first flow of income. It deserves and needs your love and attention. Commitment is like magic. Do it now, and watch what happens. 


Be Great,


Grant Cardone

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