Be A 10X Dad This Father’s Day

Fathers are a great and powerful force in our culture. Let’s talk about what it means to be a 10x dad this Father’s day.


I’m a father of two beautiful girls, Sabrina and Scarlett, and I would do anything to make sure they’re set up for success in their lives. I want to make sure they have good role models and direction in their life that is needed by all of us when we’re growing up. Someone to show us the way, motivate us, love us, and push us to be the greatest we can be. 


It’s my duty, my obligation, and my responsibility to be a strong influence on my daughters.

Success for myself and my family is my priority and it’s because of my dad that left that example for me.

Be A 10X Dad This Father's Day

My dad died when I was ten years old and it left a void in my life. My role model for guidance, success, an example of great work ethic, the provider and strength of my family was gone. The loss of my dad left challenges with my family and we faced lots of uncertainty financially. Even though he didn’t live long enough to create the success he dreamed of, he did share that concept with us and I continue to share them with my family.


Growing up without a dad in my life was difficult and I know other kids who have had the same experience. The negative impact of not having a present father figure in a child’s life is demonstrated across almost every dynamic and statistic. Unfortunately, children and adolescents who grow up without a role model are more likely to be poor, be involved in dangerous behavior, or drop out of school. I wanted to fill the gap and give these kids someone they can look up to and that’s where The Grant Cardone Foundation comes in.


The Grant Cardone Foundation was created to provide mentorship and guidance on life, career, and financial literacy to at-risk and underserved adolescents and our communities around the world – especially those without a father figure. We want to become role models to these young adults and give them access to the tools and support they need to become the person they’re meant to be and succeed in life. 


No matter the economic situation, the color of your skin or religion –  adolescents deserve to have a 10X life and that starts with having a strong role model in the household to direct and guide them on growth and development.


I want to wish all of the 10X Fathers a Happy Father’s Day; to those who continue to show up and be a present and positive influence in your children’s lives – Thank you.

Be A 10X Dad This Father's Day

Thank you for your support in the Grant Cardone Foundation,


Grant Cardone

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