What Will Your Kids Say About You

I recently asked the question on Facebook “who are the most influential people in your life?” Quite a few said I had positively effected or influenced them, but I mostly people mentioned their parents. My mom and father were unbelievable role models for me, showing me the importance of hard work and maintaining a good reputation for our name.
If YOU are your kids biggest influence, what legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you want your children to remember you? In what ways will you most influence them?

In 20 years if someone asks my daughter, “what was your papa’s influence on you” I hope she can say he was a 100% — ‘All In’ guy, he worked hard. He showed me anyone can make their dreams a reality. He was ethical about his role as a father, and believed he had a responsibility to take care of us spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. He never blamed others for his failure, and made the most of every situation.”

What will your kids say about you? “Papa was always distracted by the negativity in the world. My parents would often complain about how people were treating us unfairly. The reason I can’t get you the things you want is because the economy is bad. My parents watched TV for hours a day and spent their weekends drinking too much.”

Your kids are learning from you everyday. They see what you do, how your respond, how you are affected by bad news. They see how finances, or the lack there of cause you stress. They see the good and the bad. What you show them they will bring with them, the good and the bad.

I believe it is your DUTY to go into the marketplace and show them, not tell them.

The best way to influence your children about the possibilities is not through the examples of others, but by the examples you set for them. You are the BIGGEST influence they will have in their lives. Make success in EVERY area of your life a priority. Show them that through right thinking and relentless efforts (staying positive, working hard and persisting despite all the distractions in the world) they too can achieve success.

Remember Success isn’t just a financial issue it is Your Duty, Obligation and Responsibility.


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