Popular or Successful?

The lazy thing to do is to be critical.
The most popular thing to do is be negative.

The hardest and most admirable thing you can do is to be positive when all around you are being critical and negative.

Positivity is one of the hardest traits for a person to gain and maintain. The media, friends, family, co-workers, and even random strangers always seem to be bombarding people with Negativity.

Now, I’m not so naive as to believe there aren’t bad things in this world, there are. But instead of putting focus and energy on those things I can’t control, I focus on the things I can control. One of those things is how I choose to stay positive no matter what is going on.

This lesson is so very important. Not just to you, but to every person, family and organization. Without positivity, all that remains is can’t do attitudes, and can’t do attitudes don’t get anyone anywhere.

When was the last time you enjoyed great, absolute stellar customer service? I guarantee you that the person was just exuding positivity. You could almost see it shining through their eyes.

When you’re overwhelming someone with a positive can-do attitude, I guarantee you will start getting what you want in life.

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