The Right Type of Education

Each day I’m home I take my daughter out to the grocery store or Restaurant, she sees something she wants and tries to convince me and others to get it! She goes after it relentlessly, trying to beg, plead, even cry when she is refused.
I know she isn’t alone, and that almost all kids her age are the same way. So what happens between her age and high school that changes this?

Children are taught a very wrong lesson. They are taught they must learn to accept a no and are often penalized for persisting. They learn they must be ok with not getting something and “listening to the adults”.

Children should not be educated out of their natural desire to relentlessly persue the things they want. They should be taught when to take a different route or more action to get what they want—and not give up.

That’s not to say they should be appeased when they scream louder or throw a fit, but rather encouraged with actions they can take in order to get what they want and be rewarded.

I encourage my daughter, ” smile, look me in the eyes and say please”. This is different than no and corrects the “how” to go after what she wants and if she doesn’t immediately get it, she should be prepared to take as many correct actions as needed in order to get whatever it is.

Do you think your kids should be trained to persuade, build value, persist and insist in closing in what they want?

Educate your staff to do the same.

Everyday Provide them with:

1. Motivation
2. Education
3. Correction

Salespeople aren’t made to be GREAT they must be trained and educated. The tougher the economy is the more they must be motivated, trained and corrected!

If your company depends on sales for it’s revenue, get your people on our on-demand sales training center! Education is much better ROI than not closing a sale!

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