What Are You Afraid Of?

Who will be the next president of the USA and how much do you hate politics?Two men met to debate the other night and some have accused them of lies, deception, and stretching the truth.

I know many of you tell me how distasteful you find these 90-minute debates, but regardless one of these men will lead our country and influence the direction of the economy that we all depend.

Whatever your party preference or your interest level in these multi-billion dollar political campaigns the most important thing you can do right now is to stay engaged and participate. As tempting as it might be, do not become apathetic about these events.

As Americans, it is our democratic responsibility to show up and stay engaged regardless of how objectionable the process has become. In life there are many things that no one wants to do. I change my daughter’s diapers but don’t really like doing much of it. I travel all week long and come home to find out the trash needs to be taken out, the grass needs to be mowed and the cars washed. But just because there are things you and I don’t like to do doesn’t mean we can say we are not going to participate.

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