Do You Even Care?

Tonight, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will meet to debate their ideas about the best course of action for this country.

One of them will lead our country and economy for the next four years.

Whatever your party preference the most important thing you can do is to participate.

In America, there is a tendency to continue our busy lives, work, take the kids to school, show up at Church each week, plan weekend getaways and vacations and we may lose sight of just how important it is to care for and participate in the democratic process in our country.

If we don’t care enough and remain engaged enough, we stand the risk of losing our ability to have the right to elect our own public officials.

The same is true in your business.

You will start achieving a higher level of success once you start really caring about and for your customer. You will start improving your closing ratios not to mention your ability to connect with people on a higher level. Make their success yours and see just how much they decide to start teaming up with you.

How much care can you communicate to your client? It’s not just how much you want the deal for your monthly numbers. People see right through that. Communicating from the heart just how much you care and how much you want to help another will ultimately get you exactly what you want.

care more = close more

In order to accomplish this, you must be completely sold on yourself, your product or service and your company. You must have complete conviction and certainty in what you are doing. You must also know that your product or service is the only real solution for your prospect.

When you stay focused on how you, your product, your service and your company will improve the quality of someone’s life, success will be there for you.

So care enough to commit to yourself, your customer, your business, your company and your country.

Stay engaged. Help choose our leaders. Pay attention to what is going on and do your part to ensure the privileges we possess that make America so great, will endure.

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