Is Pressure a Bad Thing?

Somewhere we were taught that pressure and insistence are wrong, ill mannered, rude and even inappropriate. If you’ve accepted this as the gospel, then you are costing yourself not only money, but opportunities and ultimately, success.

While manners and respect for others is important, it is definitely not been the modus operandi used to create my fortune and get my way in life. As I mentioned yesterday, you probably were taught something like this as a kid, “do not question adults when you get no for an answer.” And now your looking to get ahead in life and that phrase is still running around in your head.

It is vital and essential that if you truly want to create success and prosperity for yourself and your family that you become willing or even reconditioned to push through this socialized norm. Pressure is not a bad thing. It is the very thing that makes diamonds out of lumps of coal!

Being willing to put the pressure on demonstrates that you are sold on yourself, your belief, your product, your level of service and your company. It tells the world you know what you want and that you are willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

This is not an excuse to be rude or a license to be surly, unprofessional or ill mannered – look we already have enough politicians going around doing that. This is about you being highly interested in your prospect and confident in your quest. Be willing to insist to get the job done. Be confident, dedicated and willing to hang in there.

Too many people stop short, they stop digging right before they strike gold or break through to success. Don’t let that be you!

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