Warning! These Ads May Kill your Motivation!

Avoid Ads That Promote Depression as a Disease
Avoid these ads on TV, the paper, and in magazines that promote depression, anxiety, and all these other things they make up like restless leg syndrome.

Avoid ads that promote depression and all these made up diseases. These are killing you. You are actually being made to think you’ve got something wrong with you and ain’t nothing wrong with you except you’re a human being.

You’re sitting there on the sofa and this thing pops up: “Do you watch too much sports? You have a disease! Do you not like other people? Disease! Do you have a problem with alcohol? Do you have a problem sitting on your sofa? Do you have restless leg syndrome?” I am like, “Oh my god, everything I do has got a problem – I got a problem!”

Look, avoid these ads. Avoid them, there’s no proof that any of these things are actually diseases, so just click them off, turn them off pull them out of the magazine or maybe even better write your local news channel and say, “Quit dumping this garbage on me.”

Avoid these ads that promote “diseases” and watch your personal drive and motivation resurge!


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