Get Out of the House and Try NEW Things

Hey, get out of your house!
Get out of your house. Get out of your office. Get out of the comfortable and go try new things. You’ve heard me kind of jump around this a little bit. There’s nothing at the house! Go to the neighbor’s house this weekend. Go to the ballgame! Get out of your house!

People are like, “I bought this house, I am underwater in it, I need to spend the rest of my life in it”. Dude you need to get out of there. Get out of the house there’s nothing there but a bunch of old furniture, old ideas, old stories and a TV. How will you get and stay motivated surrounded by the same things all the time.

Get you and your spouse and your kids and get out of there. Go mix it up. Go meet new people. Go extrovert into the community and make yourself known and I promise you, even a bad trip, a visit to a neighbor is better than just doing the same thing over and over again in your house.

That way you got somebody to criticize now – oh those neighbors, those guys are whacks. See? It’s a new story. You need new material. Get out of your house.


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