Could the TV You’re Watching Be the Cause of Low Motivation?

Avoid drama TV and drama radio. It’s everywhere; they’re doing everything they can to grab your attention with these things that don’t happen to anybody except these people on TV.
These car wreck TV programs, radio programs, and this over dramatization of what is happening in the world are nothing but distractions and bad news. You need to stop listening to it. You need to get it out of your environment. You’re being negatively influenced by TV and radio.

I was watching one of the major networks the other day and the person actually said, now this was a journalist that said, “We are opinion makers.” I thought the guy was a reporter of the news. They are not reporting news anymore. They are actually trying to make opinions and influence people, cause them to think a certain way. No wonder it’s a perfect place for that depression ad.

All you’ve got to do is watch one hour of drama TV – you want to commit suicide. So what do they do? They say, “Hey, you depressed, you feeling bad?” Of course I am, I’ve been watching garbage for the last three hours.

Avoid drama TV. Avoid drama radio. Avoid drama people. You’ll be more motivated.

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