The Power Base

Salespeople tend to put their attention on selling to people they don’t know and ignore the people they do know. Think about it, friends, family members, associates at past jobs, past employers, current and former clients, members of clubs, neighbors, and members of your church. These are all people you either know or are acquaintances with. In other words, they’re not strangers, and they’ll probably need your product at some time. These people are YOUR Power Base. YOUR Power Base is unique to you and is like a VAULT of GOLD that only you have the key to.
Rather than waiting for a potential buyer to walk through the door or call you on the phone, make a list of all the people you know and be sure they know what products and services you have to offer them. Quit waiting for the economy to throw you some left overs and make contact with the opportunities that you know.

Write up a list and get in contact with your Power Base now. They know people and will likely be happy to refer you to their Power Base when you contact them in the right way.

The best of all sales professionals and business entrepreneurs use their Power Base to activate and fund their endeavors. Do not rely only on advertising, the economy, and incentives to move your product – WORK YOUR POWER BASE.

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