The 3 Types of Performers

There exist three basic groups of individuals in the world today. Two of these groups are at high risk and only one is guaranteed success.
1) Poor Performers – This person is not in the game all the way, rarely considers creative solutions and performs just shy of what is expected of them. Typically they find fault with the company and spend a lot of energy and effort complaining rather than doing. They demonstrate their lack of commitment with signs of tardiness, leaving early, low levels of effort, and overall not interested in the survival of the company and only slight interest in their job.  This group has the highest risk of losing their job and almost no chance of producing financial security for themselves or their families.

2)    Average to Good Performers – This group does their job but nothing more than that. They have a basic understanding of their job but don’t exhibit a great deal of motivation to take it to another level. While they show signs of promise and they know what to do, their production is spotty at best. Their production levels is justified by comparing themselves to the poor performers. This group is at risk and does not know it.

3)    Over Performers This group produces at levels so far above others that the company will never let them go. They are unreasonable in the amounts of action and creativity they use to produce results. They solve problems while the other two groups make excuses.  The revenue and relationships they have are worth way more than their cost to the company.  This group is never at risk and will always be able to produce income no matter the economy.

Which group are you currently in?

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