It’s All About ATTITUDE

On my new show, TURNAROUND KING, I go into failing businesses to turn them around back towards the right direction to success. One biggest issues I discovered at these organizations were the attitudes of the people working there.
Your attitude is your mental disposition, feeling, position to another or a thing.  It can be negative, neutral, good or great. Your attitude is that x-factor that is difficult to measure but so critical in the way to the sale that we include it as a step to the sale itself. This step is taken before you get to a customer, before you take a call, handle an appointment, or even take your first physical step to greeting a customer!

Without the right attitude- the steps you take will not matter. Many sales people underestimate the value of the steps of the sale only because they incorrectly assess that the steps don’t benefit them. They become convinced to shortcut and missteps instead of presenting yourself from the very start as someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and wants to provide a solution.

You must be convinced and sold that attitude is critical to you being successful. You can catch me in action as I turnaround their attitudes and their businesses this Sunday, June 19th at 9pm on TURNAROUND KING airing only on National Geographic Channel.

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