The Only Time when the Answer Will Always Be “No”

There is only one instance when the answer to your question will always be, “No.” It’s when you don’t ask the question.

The absolute number one reason that a sale doesn’t happen, that you don’t get the date, that you don’t get the raise, is because you don’t ask or you don’t ask often enough.

It’s why I insist that anyone in my office asks the person they are speaking with if they have read my books, subscribed to my blog and strategies, or seen my online training program. I firmly believe that every bit of technology that I produce helps someone increase their income and enjoy the life that they want. But if we don’t ask, and that person doesn’t know about our information or technology, then it doesn’t help them and we will get a “No.”

Sometimes it’s a matter of not asking enough. Sometimes a buyer may not be ready to buy the first or second time you ask and you give up, not realizing that if you had been insistent and asked a third time the sale would have happened.

This happened to me during the courtship of my wife. I asked her several times to go out with me for over a year before she finally agreed. That’s right I persisted over several months of getting rejected. If I hadn’t asked, or if I hadn’t been insistent and given up, I would not have one of the most beautiful woman in the world as my wife, nor would I have been blessed with my two amazing daughters.

So go out there and just keep asking. You never know what great things will happen when they actually say yes.

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