Find the Positive in Every Situation

At some time or another over the course of your career, you will experience business cycles during which things slow down.

Your clients hear the same negative news you do, and bad news never fuels positive outcomes. They don’t want more negativity; they can get that free at home from their TV in seemingly unending amounts. They don’t want to see it on your face or in your actions, responses, or attitude. Act competent, exude success, and be positive and optimistic, regardless of what is happening around you. Potential customers will be much more attracted to – or at least intrigued by – positive people. Recently I was hosting Cardone Zone, my regular weekly radio show in Los Angeles, talking about the importance of being positive in getting a job when unemployment rates are soaring. A caller texted the radio station saying, “That guy Cardone is obnoxious.” I responded by saying, “The guy who finds me obnoxious probably really admires and loves me, and that is his way of saying it.” I wasn’t being arrogant – I was looking for the positive.

I have endured several serious recessions as an active member of the business world, and sooner or later, they all end. None of them will last forever, and the way you handle yourself during that time has more to do with your current and future situation than the economy itself. Your attitude affects everyone around you – those at home, at work, and everywhere in between. I want my wife, daughters, employees, colleagues, clients, and friends to see me as someone who instills hope and a positive attitude, especially when things are challenging.

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