People Don’t Like What They Don’t Know

Do you want to know the only true reason someone doesn’t or wouldn’t enjoy selling?

There is only one real reason – and it’s not what you’ve been told. It’s not because someone doesn’t like rejection. After all, who does? It’s not because they’re lazy. Everyone is lazy when they fail, and most people are trying to avoid failure. It’s not because they don’t like people. We all like people when we’re successful with them.

The only reason a person doesn’t like what he’s doing is because he doesn’t know what he’s doing! He isn’t winning, and that’s because there’s something that he doesn’t know. The doctor who can’t save lives won’t like being a doctor. The teacher who can’t get her students to learn will sooner or later become disenchanted with teaching. A salesperson who can’t close deals won’t like selling. Therein lies the only reason you would not like being a salesperson. When you don’t understand something, you aren’t in control and when you aren’t in control, you aren’t going to like what you’re doing!

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