Takeaways from Millions on the Phone

Hey, I hope you’re dominating this week!
Congratulations to the thousands that attended the webcast!

In case you were not able to attend, I wanted to make sure you had some takeaways from the event.

I opened the video webcast comparing the wrong call to the right call. People have actually told me, “Your ‘wrong call’ example is the strongest cold call I have ever seen!” However, when you start dissecting the call and making slight variations, we have proven that we can make you 80X more effective on a cold call. You must have the right opening, know how to set hooks, make big claims without sounding too hokey, and then use takeaways to create distance so the buyer reaches back toward you—then you qualify the lead when they show interest.

Millions on the Phone Webcast

The difference between the right call and the wrong call is like comparing a photo taken from your phone to a piece of art. First, reduce your greeting to one name that sticks. Next, you must crystallize your reason for calling, which should include a big claim. Follow that with a take away that sets up your qualification. This is when it gets really good, where you start adding magic questions to set hooks, money questions to determine the decision maker and then lock down questions to close on the appointment.

Control the call, not the caller.

Millions on the Phone Webcast - Grant Cardone

Here is one example of a magic question that I offered variations of for different industries: “If we could solve one problem for you, what would it be?”

I followed the comment feed during the webcast and noticed a roofer, a chiropractor, someone in wholesale, and a door-to-door salesperson interacting. So I quickly created scripts for each of those industries and went over them. I did more of those exact call examples during the last hour of the webcast as well.

Then I went onto why so many people hate the phone and the 18 possible mistakes you can make while on a cold, warm, or even hot call.

If you are a startup, sales organization, direct marketer, network marketer, on a job search, an inventor, in the tech world, a sports manager, an entertainment agent, a celebrity, in public relations, a promoter, in real estate, on Wall Street, or anywhere in between, you will make a cold call at some point in your career.

There are almost one trillion phone calls made every year just in the USA.

Make sure yours are getting you closer to your dreams.

And since the webcast, we’ve had hundreds of people write in with success stories from using the webcast tips to make sales. Here are a few from Twitter:

“Closed a $60,000 deal 2 days after listening to Grant Cardone on #MillionsOnThePhone. All it took was 2 calls!”
– Jonathan N.

“Best $$$ I have ever spent. $1215 in new business the past 2 days. #millionsonthephone
– Adam L.

“PRIMERICA LOVES #MillionsOnThePhone
– Miguel C.

“Hello Grant! Big thanks to you and your team. It was the best webinar I have heard! #MillionsOnThePhone
– Vivita M.

Be great, nothing else pays… much


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