The Phone: More Powerful than the Internet & Social Media, Combined

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The Internet connects everyone on this planet instantaneously plus social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and the powerhouse LinkedIn are used to catch you millions on the latest news, what your friends are doing, to market products, job postings and almost anything you can imagine. Yet there exists one device more powerful than all of that—the phone.

The phone is still more powerful than all of these other technological developments, even the quality leading social medium LinkedIn. No matter how connected you there comes a point in everyone’s career where you will have to pick up a phone to reach the right person, get an appointment, present your product, and hopefully close a sale. The phone is money and everyone has one. There are an estimated 7.8 billion devices on the planet and over one trillion phone calls per year, just in the USA!

People spend more time with their phones than any other device and use that device to connect to the Internet and all social mediums. It is the cell phone that stays closer to you than even your kids and spouse. Before you dismiss this all as obvious, understand that 65% of adults even sleep with their phones nearby. My point is you need to learn to use the phone to not just connect, but to contact and contract.

The phone is the most powerful business weapon ever created!

Whether you use a phone for contacting customers you already have or making cold calls to get new customers, the phone is integral to your success and most people fear using it and are terrible at it. Salesforce suggests that 92% of all customers use the phone before making a purchase and 85% claim to be dissatisfied with the interaction.

As a young sales person, I was made to believe that you couldn’t sell your products over the phone—which isn’t true, of course. Being in front of someone is the most effective way to sell your product and it’s also the most expensive, costing as much as eight times more than a phone call. The in-person sales call makes it almost impossible to scale out your business because of the time, energy and resources required to travel. Calls are an immediate, effective use of time and powerful if you can get the right person and know how to use that time effectively.

At the age of 26 as a young sales person I realized I could increase my productivity by learning how to use a phone. I could more efficiently and effectively qualify leads, reduce time spent pitching prospects, identify decision makers, and use the phone to keep my pipeline full with appointments. I realized I didn’t have to be the best sales person; I needed to get in front of more people.

Here are 3 tips little things you may be missing on the phone that could be costing you sales:

1. Words Matter. One wrong word on the phone can blow your chance. You can no longer say things like; “no, can’t, won’t, not possible, impossible, let me get back with you, and I don’t know,” are just a few examples.

2. Time is a Killer. You cannot spend time with small talk and chat with prospects today. It used to be that the more time you spend with someone the more likely you would make a sale; now that no longer holds true. Today you have to get in and out of the call. You may have only 2 minutes in a call and sometimes you are blown out in 20 seconds. Imagine you only have two minutes to make a great impression, qualify the product, create interest, determine the decision-maker is and get an appointment. The only way to be fast is to be great!

3. Voice Inflection and Tone. It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. I know people that can say almost anything to a customer and get away with it and another person says the same thing and the customer hangs up. You must learn to say things in a way that affect the response of the person receiving the information in a manner that guarantees the customer never forgets you and your presentation—these are called hooks and require tone control.

I have spent the last thirty years perfecting and codifying the precise science of selling over the phone.

I built four successful businesses using a phone as the central piece of technology. My first business didn’t have a desk or a computer—just a phone—and has been profitable for 25 years. These companies now have combined annual sales of 100 million dollars and ninety-eight percent of those sales are achieved over a telephone.

At some point in your career, your advancement will depend upon one phone call. You must learn how to use it to build your brand, your company, and your revenues. Don’t believe anyone that says, “cold calls are dead” because they aren’t. You need to learn how to call people you don’t know to get where you want to be. I got a radio show, TV show, book deals, bought 500 million dollars in real estate with a telephone—I even closed my wife with a telephone.

Because I know the importance of this information to your success I am going to deliver a live seminar on how you can make Millions On The Phone. By registering you get a front row seat and eBook loaded with information that will alter how you do business. I will be covering cold calls, incoming calls, and follow-up calls for sold and unsold customers.

I will also cover:
How to Handle Price on the Phone
How to Use Price to Fill Up Your Pipeline
How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
How to Create Urgency
How to Close on the Phone
How to Separate Yourself from the Competition
How to Qualify the Buyer Over the Phone
What to Never Say on the Phone
How to Increase Your Show Rate 500%
How to Increase Your Close Rater Over 200%
How to Use the Phone to Make Millions of Dollars
How to Follow-Up the Unclosed Buyer
I will also show you how just changing a few phrases will keep a customer from shopping the competition, plus how asking for an appointment with just a slight change in your tone of voice will improve your show rate on appointments by 500%. I am going to show you simple strategies that will increase closing rates by 200%. How to use urgency strategies that will move a buyer from seeing me next week to wanting to see me today.

Don’t miss Millions On The Phone if you think you will ever need to use a telephone I assure you that you will not regret it. If you have any questions post them in comments and I will answer.

Be great,

Grant Cardone

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