Sales Tweak of the Week #9: Quit Using Free Trials

Hey, it’s easy to get distracted by life, drama, obsessions with no payoff, negative news, riots and anything else the media tells you that you should be paying attention to. Those things won’t help you succeed. You need to shift your mindset and change what you’re obsessed with.
Each week I put out a Strategy to help get you back on track. This week I’m giving you the Sales Training Tweak: Quit Using Free Trials—Close the Sale.

Money starts when you stop selling and start closing.

9. Quit Using Free Trials—Close the Sale
I have tried the free trial approach and wanted to believe the buyer would just simply close after using my product for free. The only way this works is if you are able to scale out to hundreds of millions of people. Free trials without a commitment to invest money at some point in the future become cash flow problems for the company that offers them. Grow up and close the deal, because giving your product away for free will break your company. The only thing free at a grocery store is walking into it, and even that requires an investment of time and energy.

I know most people are on the go, so we put together an app for your phone that helps you close the sale. Hundreds of Closes, videos, theory, tools for loan calculation, note taking and tracking makes this app the best thing you’ll ever put on your phone. Download it on Apple or Android today.

Does your company or brand use free trials? Comment below on how you use them.

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