Success Can Be Yours!

The single most important rule for being successful is contained in three words: Just Show Up!
You ever known someone who got lucky a lot? You know what they did? They showed up. You can’t get lucky if you don’t show up. So suit up and show up. All highly successful people know they have to show up and that’s what they do they just KEEP SHOWING UP!

What does “showing up” mean?

  1. Get out of bed.
  2. Put your clothes on.
  3. Go to work, whether that means to the office, meeting with people, making phone calls, sending e-mails. Even looking for work is work. Every action counts—do what you gotta do and make it your duty, obligation, and responsibility because Success is on the other side of the door!

Commit now

to whatever you’re doing and figure it out later!

Just do the next right thing. You have an appointment coming, show up for the next appointment. Be there, be early.

If there’s a girl you wanna call, pick up the phone and call her RIGHT NOW!

If there’s a guy you wanna call, pick up the phone, call him and find out what’s going on with him.

If you wanna go surfing, get a surfboard,

“I don’t know how to surf, Grant!”

You don’t need to know how to surf. Just get the board first, hit the ocean, and you’ll figure it out. You’ve always figured it out; you were designed to survive. After all, you’ve survived Life so far!

You can put your toes in and see how cold it is and chicken out. But you will NEVER conquer what you don’t move towards.

People worry about, “what if I fail?”

You’re going to fail folks! The more you fail, the more you’ve shown up! The more you show up, the more you’re gonna succeed! The only way to really fail is to not show up, to not take action. The greatest sin a person can commit, is to not show up.

It requires a little faith, it requires some persistence to show up and to show up again, and again and again and again. What it creates is discipline. The secret to all success is to show up. When you don’t make the move, you tend to spiral downwards, you become stagnant, and start feeling unmotivated.

Remember: “Success is your ethical duty, obligation, and responsibility!”

Do yourself a favor: go to that appointment today, take the extra step to meet someone new, do something that you’ve always thought you couldn’t do. Why? Because Success is possible for everyone!

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