Get Your Game On!

Unemployment numbers are on the rise = time to Get your game on!

In 1945, there were 2.8 million people in the US without work. Today, the US unemployment number has risen to 12.7 million and there is a world of pain yet to go as companies continue to cut costs and reduce their workforces as a way to insure profits.

Here’s the question: who will lose their jobs and who will not?
People who lose their jobs today are typically attached to companies that are failing.
If the company doesn’t perform well and produce revenue, then positions are dropped, jobs are lost. No production means numbers lost.

The Two groups of people that will never be without work:

  1. Those working for companies and in industries that are selling – selling enough product to keep them profitable.
  2. Those who are contributing to selling the products and services of their company.

Be your company’s MVP (Most Valuable Player)!

Those that are able to drive revenue through the selling of the products and services of the company are the most needed and valuable people in that company.
Whether you are the receptionist, janitor, mechanic, middle management or the head executive, find ways you can help to contribute to the bottom line of your organization.

Productivity and results are the best job security!

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