What is talent anyway?

Everyone has talent. Most people never fully discover how brilliant they are for one reason: they never take enough action. So when a manager tells me about his talented guy and then goes on to talk about how few people are talented today, I smile. People are not more or less talented, people are simply taking less action. The amount of activity alone will determine how brilliant you appear to be or how much talent you appear to have.

Your talent, regardless of the level, will never be recognized without action. While I agree that everyone has different levels of natural talent, that is not what separates the champions from the mediocre. People give talent too much emphasis and action, not enough. Imagine if Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, or Ben Franklin had never taken the amount of action they took. You and I would not know about their talent. Today they are recognized for the unusual and supposed incredible talent. While I agree they were and are talented that doesn’t mean they were smarter. The difference is, who is taking enough action for their talents to be witnessed by the marketplace?

  1. Recognize we all have talent.
  2. Increase the amount of activity and you will validate your talent.
  3. Train daily to increase your competence and hone the talent you have.

Everyone has talent. EVERYONE. The more action you take, the more your talent will be made evident!

Don’t depend on talent alone – Depend on Action.
When you hit the right levels of actions you will find your talents and your deficiencies.
Add training to your activities and then you will hone your talents to finally discover what success is truly available to you.

Rock on!

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