Sales Training Course: Top Sales Secret #5

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Hope you are closing the year out strong!

In this week’s sales training course I’m talking about options. People love options! You should always provide options to your buyer even when it appears your buyer is already committed to what you have put in front of them! I know it sounds crazy, and it is… crazy effective!

Presenting an option will help them view you in a more consultative role as well as open the door to use inventory, packages and offerings as a way to negotiate instead of using price. And recalling the sales training course from last week, when you show a proposal, make sure you always give the buyer two other options; one higher and one lower than the target offer.

Sales Training Course: Top Sales Secret #5

One option should be something that would include less of a product or service that may or may not solve the customer’s communicated problem. The primary goal of doing this is to help the buyer see more value in the initially proposed solution. The other option you provide should always be a move up, something more expensive or a more comprehensive alternative to your main proposal. This one will either help the prospect see more value in the primary proposal or, better yet, show them that the next level up may be an even better solution to their problem.

Never present just one proposal to a customer NO matter what. Listen, the only reason you won’t offer options is because you are a scared closer. Hey, I’ve been there and I know how to help you fix that. I am doing a live video workshop THIS Friday at 3 PM EST that is ALL about closing! The Secrets to Closing the Sale training course is going to be 3-hours of priceless content on the topic of CLOSING and will also be available on-demand after the live event.

In this live sales training video workshop you will learn:

  • How to stop selling and start closing
  • How to quit giving away your profits
  • How to close double the number of deals with one technique
  • How to turn every objection into the reason to buy
  • How to turn the price shopper into buying more over time
  • How to cut your selling time in 1/2 with one question
  • How to use a higher price to handle the price shopper
  • How to sell you product for nothing and make more money

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Trust me, when you can’t trust yourself—offer the options.

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