Don’t Look Weak, Look Strong. Use The Third Party Touch.

Clearly salespeople are looking for solutions and ways in which they can get an edge.
I delivered a virtual seminar on 7 Top Sales Secrets last month and we had over 3200 professional salespeople register. Last week we did another virtual sales training workshop on Secrets To Closing the Sale and there were over 5000 views in the first 72 hours. Folks are looking for help.

This week I want to share Tip #6 “Third Party Touch”

A third party is anyone other than the salesperson in your organization. This could be a manager, a co-worker, or an administrator in your business. Use third parties to improve your position with the buyer and learn things you otherwise would not have uncovered. Put your manager to work on every customer by having him or her contact your customer and ask if all their questions were answered, or how you as the salesperson did. This builds rapport and gives the customer more confidence that they are being well cared for. Having another person touch your customer takes the relationship with you and your company to another level—although, this tip is often ignored by sales people who have egos bigger than their paychecks. Using third party touches can move a prospect to a customer.

Don't Look Weak, Look Strong - Grant Cardone Sales Training

As a young salesperson in retail, I made it a habit to use a third party to speak to my prospects to ensure that I actually had secured the sale or to help assist me in moving the sale to a close. Even when I thought I was successful with a customer and had closed a sale, I would get management involved. This involvement with senior management didn’t make me look weak, it made me look strong.

Make your manager, general manager, finance manager, even the dealer, touch your customer before they leave and you will close more deals. If they can’t see the customer, have them send a quick video text message to the prospect. I did this last month for my sales team and it probably resulted in 8 extra deals.

Let me know how you do with this tip.

Close out the year strong!

Be great,


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