Most Common Mistake in Business

Happy Holidays, All!

Thinking about you, knowing this is a very short month for you and none of us can afford to get distracted.  Everyday day, every opportunity and every customer matters so I wanted to remind you of one single thing you can do this month to maximize every opportunity.

Why spend money to get a customer to hit your website, call in or visit your store and then fail to present a proposal?  This mistake is not just common; it is an epidemic.  Did you know that over 70% of companies never present a prospect with a financial proposal?

You think I am overdramatizing and trying to sell you my new best selling Webinar?  Call your company now and ask about any of your products and I will bet you dinner that the salesperson does not offer to send you over a proposal.

Now, regardless of how good a product you have or how great your salespeople are, I doubt you have ever sold anyone without first presenting an offer.  Remember no proposal means no customer!

Eighty seven percent of all sales people miss quota and over 70% of companies don’t present a proposal.  If you just started presenting numbers to everyone and never improved any other skill then more of your sales staff would make quota.

Management, when you get involved with your sales people the first and second question you should ask them is 1) “Did you get to price?” and 2) “Did you make a formal presentation?”

Top Sales Secret #4: Show A Proposal To Every Customer

The biggest cost to your business is Missed Sales.    If you want to get your sales team presenting offers to all your prospects get them this message and then teach them how.

Ask them if they will present a proposal to every customer every time no exception.

And I assure you they are going to tell you the following excuses:

  1. Customer is not ready
  2. Customer is not yet committed
  3. Both decision makers not available
  4. Customer is still shopping

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Be Great,

  • Larissa TERRY says:

    I Agree with you.
    Sign right here 😉
    I would love to learn from the beginning…that is exactly I am looking for 😉
    I have to have proposal to propose, ha, right? right.
    I have to have a customer to sit across, ha , right? right. I Agree with you.
    I have to open my mouth to say right words in the right time, right? right. I agree.
    I have a Question for you Grant, and who ever on the game wish to contribute _, you know, that one million $$Q!? as to not know how to answer to that question or answer with “crunched teeth” did not get me far, neither my attitude wanting sell or even help anyone terrible things to think but more would worth not admit it! right?
    I believe you can help, you say it so!
    ….sorry, make me laugh right now, how much time and words I am limited with?
    Lets assume I am free!
    The my problem is this, one of them actually _
    as soon I say hello….or even just smile or even nod! you know _ you know, I do that every time and now I do that from across the road, man! _ “Where do you come from?” sometimes…“..and where Do You come from?” …….this its it.
    The Truth is: I am not pleased that I do not know how to answer ..I literally feel being burn at the stake again 😉
    Did not help.
    Grant, can you help?
    Thanks man, appreciate being here and for the opportunity to learn as I know I will.

  • Isaiah Jackson says:

    While every one was out eating dinner and spending time with their families. You was out here offering 50% off items in your product line, thus making sales.


    Thanks for that, I picked up your 10X Planner and will be using that.

    – Isaiah Jackson.

  • William Ballard says:

    Once again, Grant, great post!

    I do agree with you that if you don’t send a proposal you will miss out on 100% of possible sales.

    However, I am curious has to where you got your numbers that 70% of sales people never present a proposal to their customers or clients….

  • james d chamberlain says:

    Im a salesman, and I have found this to be the case with my sales. I like to take my desired end result, overshoot the activities necessary to get there, then present as many proposals as I can. It’s a lot if work – but effective tracking keeps me on pace.

  • Brad Rhame says:


    Great post! I am a manager of tire sales, at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Our philosophy is to do exactly what your post states. By presenting a proposal, with price, it allows you to go over every recommended service and build more trust. Our sales keep going up and so does our customer count. I will pass this post on to my upper management. Thanks!

  • Darryl Davis says:

    Grant, you are absolutely correct about presenting proposals. The hardest thing for me to get through to my staff is that without presenting figures, you have zero opportunity to sell a vehicle. Thanks for your guidance and words of wisdom.

    Darryl Davis
    General Manager
    Five Star Nissan of Florence

  • Sean Gallagher says:

    Great example of applying this Grant! Love how at the end you put out there your price for one of your books. And I’m taking and applying this to my companies. It’s an excellent point I never realized, I can improve my sales just by giving them a price and formal proposal even if I was horrible at the rest of the sales cycle or selling.

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