Push Yourself to Do More than You Think Is Possible

Many times you think you just cannot push yourself any further. You feel you have reached your limit. When this happens, instead of abandoning your goals, which is what most people do, look for a coach, trainer, associate, friend or someone to actually help you discover that you can do more, go harder and reach the goals you have set.

The moment a person gets the idea that they can do more, the doors open to opportunity and possibility. You begin to think “hey, I just did that so what else is possible? What else can I do and how fast can I do it?”

Pushing yourself to do more than you think is possible isn’t intended to wear your out. It actually has the opposite effect. You get motivated when you see what you can accomplish. It’s important to surround yourself with people who support this thinking and are out there pushing themselves too.

Instead of surrounding yourself with people who breach your dreams and goals with negativity, find a trainer or a mastermind group of others who are striving for more. Hold one another accountable and encourage doing more, not less.

This topic inspired a Grant Rant this week and when you give it a view, I hope that you’ll be motivated to really think about the people in your life. Are they telling you what isn’t possible instead of what is? Use this to start the week strong and remember…

Be great! Nothing else pays.

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