Be the Most Professionally Dressed Person in Your Space

It is so important to take pride in how we present ourselves in the world. The marketplace is competitive and everyone is sizing each other up all the time. Why not stand out by looking capable and professional?

Now I’m not saying you need to go into debt spending money on fancy Italian suits. I’m saying pay close attention to how you choose to sell yourself to those around you and make sure that you are pulled together. Are your clothes well tailored and clean? Are your shoes in need of a shine?

Be the role model and the person known for always looking professional. Don’t take any shortcuts on this. I find when I haven’t put myself together the best way I know I could, it messes with my self-confidence and I get a little thrown off.

Motivation is an inside job so it truly starts with you. The clothes on our backs set our minds and attitudes in a positive direction. When you look good, you feel good and are ready to do great things. You’re walking taller, getting noticed and respected. Appearance does matter. It also motivates.

On the flip side, when you feel great you want to look your best. What we show on the outside is telling of what’s going on inside. Feel great and look great!

Forget what everyone else is doing. If they want to all dress down, let them. Be the person who sets the example of always being dressed to impress. Make it part of your persona and watch how people start to respond to you.

Be great, nothing else pays!

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