More Closes to Get You Paid

This week I held my INK Close the Deal Seminar in Central Florida so I’ve got closing on my mind. With all the great feedback from attendees, I thought those of you who were not able to attend would like to learn some new ways to close down the deal to add to your arsenal. So this week I bring you three more ways to service your customer and make more money.

The close is what gets you paid and the customer’s problem solved. Mastering the close separates the average sales people who think deals are based on luck from the true greats who consistently increase their earnings and achieve success. Here’s a quick video that shows you why the close is so important.

Remember to always learn, drill and drill some more until you are comfortable with a variety of closes for any situation that comes up. They should just roll off your tongue. Try these three this week!

1. The Better to Live Rich Than Die Rich aka “The Juan Close”

“Look it’s better to live rich than to die rich so pay a little bit extra and get what you truly want.”

I learned this close from a great closer in Mexico years ago while on vacation. I was torn between two products and Juan hit me with this close. It was great. I added it to my arsenal of closes and encourage you to try it. This close helps customers make a decision based on what they really want, which is what is most valuable to them.

2. The Now and Later Close

“This is the price now; a month from now it will jump to this (insert higher price.) If you wait, you’ll be out hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Today is the day to move on this. Let’s roll.”

This close creates urgency and uses facts and figures and logic to help the buyer make a decision. When you use this close, the buyer quickly sees the need to sign the deal and get it done today!

3. The Quality Close

“Let’s get this done so you can be on your way enjoying the quality and great features of this product. You make quality decisions and you know great quality costs money. You love this product. Let’s get you on your way.”

This close is strong because you are closing them on the product quality and the fact they want it before the price. You’re also treating them with respect and acknowledging that they’re a smart buyer who wants the best value. Help them get that quality product and out the door to enjoy it.

The next INK Close the Deal Seminar will be Thursday, April 17th in Washington, DC. It would be great to see you there. Until then, I’ll bring you more strategies of the week, video content on YouTube, including Young Hustlers and Cardone Zone – plenty of free content to help fire you up about success.

Be great! Nothing else pays.

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