Overcommit to Your Family and Clients

Overcommit to your family. Overcommit to your clients. Overcommit to your community.

Look, there’s an old saying, “under commit and over deliver.” I think that came from Dale Carnegie or something. Dude, that is so ridiculous. It is so ridiculous because what you are basically doing is trying to trick somebody. You think, oh I am going to under commit and then I am going to over deliver and then they are going to be all excited. That’s ridiculous. You want to overcommit to people and then you want to over deliver.

When I overcommit to my family and I got my actions tied to an ethical obligation, duty and responsibility to deliver that I am the most dependable person anybody knows, dude I can’t back out now. You get it? I am overcommitted. When you overcommit, your creativity follows and it will make you brilliant. People aren’t motivated because they under commit. They don’t have to deliver.

There is something to be said about being pushed. When you are absolutely pushed and crunched, you’ve got to bring it. So you want to overcommit to your family. Over promise to your family. You know, let them know you are there. Let them know you will go the extra mile. Let them know you are going to do whatever it takes to take care of them and then do the same thing with your clients, do the same thing with your community.

Look, OVERCOMMIT and watch how motivated you are. You will pull it up and start delivering at levels that you didn’t even imagine were available to you. You knew it was available but now you are starting to actually see it show up.

Overcommit and then over deliver.

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