How Low Will You Go?

Sales People, Sales Managers and Sales Organizations – are you sick of cutting your prices to close a deal? Do you ever feel a little dirty after the customer beats you to death over the last penny on a deal? I know I did before I learned how to hold the gross profit and control the negotiations. Until I learned how to close, what to say, how to say it, and how to set the transaction up, customers took advantage of me.
While most people shop price, no one actually buys a price. Price is a concern and an interest of every customer but not something you can purchase. People buy products and services that solve problems and will spend extra money to do so. You will only get the price you want for your product when you learn how to negotiate and justify your price.

Lowering the price of your offer NEVER increases the value of your offer. Often a lower price comes with a lot of baggage and can actually be a detriment to your brand. Your customer still expects to be serviced and many times the lower price attracts a clientele that proves impossible to satisfy. When a customer only responds to price and the sale has been made how do you make them happy after the sale when you no longer have a lower price to offer them?

We are in an economy where most products have been or are being turned into commodities. Someone has the same or similar product and will sell it for less. While there are legitimate reasons for discounting your price it shouldn’t be to close a deal. It should be to attract attention and drive traffic to your company.

If you find yourself frustrated, discounting the price of your offer on almost every transaction, or if you’ve ever felt like you were being taken advantage of by customers then start using my Quick Fix Closes to train your staff how to negotiate. If you don’t train your people they will continue to drop the price, operate with unexplainable closing ratios, and diminish your already skinny profit margins. I created a virtual website where you and your people can access exact negotiations in real time and get solutions to the precise buying situation they encounter in real time. You don’t have to sift through long drawn out theories or go to a school on negotiations. Instead you can access a series of Power Closes in a matter of seconds and learn how to negotiate your sales without further discounting your price.

Are your ready to learn how to QUIT giving YOUR money away? Closing and negotiating are skills that must be learned.

Call my offices NOW at 800 368 5771 and I will show how I can make YOU the STRONGEST negotiator YOU know.

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