Be Energetic Even when You Don’t Feel It

Be energetic. Look, even when you don’t feel like being energetic, be energetic. You’ve got to fake it till you make it. When you don’t feel it, interject it.

Be energetic. Be excited. Look, you’ve just got to start practicing this. It is like a muscle. Energetic, excitement, enthusiasm is a muscle. It is not a feeling. People are like, “I don’t feel it today, I don’t feel enthusiastic.” I don’t care how you feel, man. Look, it don’t matter baby. You have got to be energetic even when you don’t feel it.

So this is what I want you to do. When you don’t feel it. You’re like, oh I am a little depressed today, I am not feeling the vibe today, I don’t have my groove on. Then get your groove on baby. Quit using excuses. If you only do it when you feel it you will never get it. You can’t be great.

Motivation is about motivation. Motivation is about motivating yourself, inspiring yourself to energize. That’s why I want to get up early, I want to eat right, I want to kill the sugars, and I want to go to bed early.

Dude, I want to be on a mission, I want to have it tied to my ethical duty. I want to be on a mission so I can be energetic. So I can turn it on like a switch on a wall and say let’s rock and roll baby! When the rest of the world is going into depression I am like Zzzzt!

Let’s energize.

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