New Twist on Problem Resolution

Get some big new juicy problems rather than the old simple boring problems that you’ve been having for too long.

That’s right, that’s what I am telling you. You want to get motivated? Get some BIG, NEW, FAT, JUICY, UGLY, CRAZY, OVERWHELMING problems.

Quit avoiding problems. Look, everybody has got them. You’re going to have them no matter what level you play at in life; you’re going to have problems. Get some new ones, not the old ones. Get something that excites you, something that really puts you in the game.

Give up on these old little high school problems you’ve got and go look for some big giant monster ones that will excite you, that will motivate you, and that will take you to the next level.

So this is what I want you to do now, I want you to write down some new problems that would actually freak you out. Look, you want to be underwater? You want to owe $60,000 or $260,000 on a house or would you like to have $600 million in loans?

Which one would keep you up at night?

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