Be the Most Positive Person You Know

Be the most positive person you know. Look, be the guiding light. Be the lighthouse of positive.
Be the person that’s so positive everybody else thinks you’re the whack. You know? You ever been that guy in the room? Like that guy is whack. That guy is so positive it’s sick. Something’s wrong with that guy.

Think ONLY POSITIVITY ALLOWED HERE and then take it to another level to where everybody is saying, “He’s the beacon of positive. He is the go-to guy or gal for positive. That person is completely insane they’re so positive.”

Be that person, why not? Somebody has got to be the person. Be the most positive person you know. Live up to that everyday. Live up to the idea that you got the label, that you have the job, and that you have the position of most positive person.

You’re going to be motivated to do what? You’ll be motivated to deliver, to bring it, to be dependable, and be positive.

Be the most positive person that YOU have ever met.

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