Stay Uncomfortable and Feel Motivated

Stay uncomfortable.

That’s right, stay uncomfortable and meet new people. Do you think anyone is comfortable when they are meeting new people? I don’t think so. I don’t think I am the only guy in the room that’s uncomfortable walking up and saying, “My name is Grant. What’s your name?”

And then I forget their name and they forget my name. I don’t think I am the only one that has a bad memory and that is uncomfortable meeting new people. I think this is just a human condition. I don’t know why it is, what caused it, how it happened – don’t even care.

I just know this: I need to meet new people. I need to be the person that mixes it up. That walks up and says, “Hey my name is Grant.” Look, if you’re at an event or a party or a convention, everybody is going there for the same reason, right? They’re going there to meet people, to hook up, to make connections, to network.

Be uncomfortable! Stay uncomfortable. Staying uncomfortable would be an indication that you are pushing through something. And when you stay uncomfortable, meet one person, meet a second person, meet a third person, you meet three people you don’t know, you forget all their names and then you meet a fourth person, a fifth person, a sixth person…

Look, forget the contacts. You’re moving through your discomfort and that’s going to motivate you. You’re extroverting. You’re practicing this muscle of extroversion and getting yourself known and you’re going to feel better about yourself. That’s what the 100 ways of staying motivated is about. It’s about your personal sense of self.

Stay uncomfortable, meet new people, make the contacts, and make yourself known!

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