More Sales Will Bring You Prosperity

Here are some of my personal notes on sales

Sales Defined:

The exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.

Facts on Sales:

1. Everything in life is a commission.
2. Your pay will eventually go down if you don’t get better.
3. You must be fast.
4. You need to follow-up.
5. You better be the best in your space.

People must be looking for more sales instead of missing sales.

If you’re tired of missing sales know that:

    • Anyone can learn to sell and anyone can sell more.
  • Opportunity is out there.
  • You are missing deals and opportunities.
  • You need more money.
  • Excuses won’t make you money nor pay the bills.
  • Sales are the only way to grow your business and finances.
  • Most companies have terrible conversion rates.

Successful companies and people:

1. Figure out what their competition won’t do
2. Look at what they can control

Top mistakes of sales organizations:

1. Fundamentals are missing
2. Sales approach hasn’t kept up with technology
3. People are not properly motivated.

Sales affect everything: every person, every company, every industry, and entire economies.

What are you doing to invest in yourself to make sure you’re at the top of your sales game?

I want to take your sales to the next level. Join me for a 3-day hands-on workshop down in sunny Miami. We’ll stay right on the beach. I will be presenting every day and taking your questions. Learn more HERE.

Be great,


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  • Bryan

    You are my inspiration

  • Melissa Williams

    Selling is the gateway to where you want to be in all things. Great advice ?

  • Danny Castro

    Thanks mate!! Priceless just priceless!!

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