You Should Be Thinking Every Day, “How Can I Get A Raise?”

Do you want to get a raise or get a promotion?

Are you looking for career growth?

You’ve come to the right place.

I want to show you how you can increase your value at the workplace.

Too many people are not involved in their work, not very enthusiastic about it, and are just committed enough to it so they don’t get fired.

If you are disengaged at work you will suffer from lower self-esteem, energy, and life satisfaction. Maybe you aren’t disengaged, but that doesn’t mean the boss wants to give you that promotion.

I want to highlight 10 negative traits that almost every company has to put up with

If you want to move up, don’t be any of these:

#1 Entitled

bad hire

This is the person who expects handouts.  “I’ve worked here for a year, give me a raise” and “Why do we not get free lunches here like they have at Google?”

#2 Gossipy

gossip in office

This is the person who loves to talk about everyone else—whenever those people aren’t around.  “Hey did you hear what Mark said to Dave?” and “I heard Josh wants a new position.

#3 Complainer

This is the person who just can’t be pleased.  “These new desks suck” and “I can’t believe Paul got the promotion over me.”

#4 Know-it-all

Cardone top manager

This is the person who thinks he has all the answers and won’t listen to others.  “Yeah, I know all about your system and it won’t work” and “Trust me, I know better than you when it comes to this.”

#5 Independent without concern for the group

cardone enterprises

This is the person who can’t work in a team and has to have everything his or her own way.  “Can’t I just do this myself?” and “I’ll just take care of it, you guys don’t bother”.

#6 Excuse Maker

fired at cardones

This is the person who never takes responsibility.  “Sorry I’m late, traffic was bad this morning” and “I didn’t get to that report because I had to do this other thing you wanted”.

#7 No Enthusiasm

career move

This is the person who has no energy and brings a depressing atmosphere to the room.  “If you want to do it, whatever” and “great” as he rolls his eyes.

#8 Unwillingness to Help Others

job hunting

This is the person who won’t lift a finger if it won’t benefit him or herself.  “Sorry, I’m busy” and “Will I get paid for this?”

#9 Liar

This is the person who you can’t trust.  “Yeah I’ll do it” and “You got it, I’m your man”.

#10 No initiative

This is the person who won’t do anything without getting a push.  Every day he has to be told what to do.  It’s a grown-up child.

You Won’t Get a Raise Being Any of These Types of People

Focus on promoting your value within your organization by avoiding all these traits.

Money follows attention.  You must have a whatever it takes attitude and do what others refuse to do.

Be positive. Think like the owner and bring ideas that meet the objective of the business.

Last, but not least, hustle.

Show that you are hungry. Most of all, bring in revenue.

If you’d like specific tools to help you gain the skills you need to bring value to your company, check out Cardone University where I have over 800 videos-on-demand that will give you the knowledge you need to become a star producer.


Even if you are the CEO, think about how to get a raise. This advice is for everyone, workers, contractors, salespeople, executives, receptionist—everyone, even YOU.

You should be looking for every way possible to increase your income.

Say this to yourself “I want more money, I cannot lie!” Say it now!

“I want more money I cannot lie.”

Look, if you don’t take this position and think about it every day you will miss the money that you deserve.

Life is not fair—you will not get what you deserve!

Change your mindset about money, about what you are worth and then go out where money lives and get your raise.

When I was first starting my career, I was hungry and every day I looked for a way to give myself a raise.

30+ years later with a little paper put away, I am even hungrier.

The rich get richer because they are always looking for a way to give themselves a raise. A mentor once told me, “more is only frowned on by those who find out that they don’t have enough when it’s too late!”

get raise

Did you know that 7 out of 10 of the most popular occupations in the United States pay less than $30,000 per year?

If you want more, you have put yourself in environments where money is and the potential to get a raise. Then you have to know how to ask for it, and then know how to ask for it repeatedly. Then you will have to know how to make sense of it.

You can’t just wish for a raise or more money.

You have to KNOW how to go get it. If you are the CEO then you need to create an environment of hungry people that all want MORE! Then surround yourself with like-minded hungry people that are looking for raises.

Some stats on raises in America:

  • 90% of Americans think that they deserve a raise
  • 54% don’t ask for one
  • 32% would rather clean their house
  • 6% would rather be audited by the IRS

The way to ask for a raise is first you must know you deserve it.

Not because you have been there for a long time, not because you do a good job, not because others in your position make more.

While these are good reasons when you go saying you deserve something, if everyone at your office got a raise because of this the company would be broke. The executive making the decision then thinks about this never-ending lineup of people that will want a raise every 6 to 12 months.

4 Steps to Asking for a Raise:

  1. Get your bosses attention.
  2. Clarify at the beginning what the meeting is about.
  3. Make it very clear you’re not looking for a handout.
  4. How could it be possible to reach a specific goal?

The script on How to Get a Raise:

“I don’t want a handout, nor do I want you to feel like you need to pay me more because I have been here for 2 years, or because I do a good job, or because I never call in sick–those are things you deserve as an employer.

I want to know what can I do to earn another $12,000 a year. This would represent a 24% increase in my pay, from 50k to 62k and make a major difference in how I take care of my family and prepare for my future.

Again, I don’t expect you to give it to me, I want to know how I can earn it.

While it represents another $1k a month to your payroll, it’s another $6.25 per hour to me and I assure you I will use it for the good of my family. In fact, I am planning on using this money to start a college fund for my son.

What can I do so you can make sense of this?”

If you do this right you might just get your raise.

Be presentable, hold a smile, be confident but not entitled, and learn how to ask and make sense of what you want.

This is why everyone must learn to sell, negotiate and make sense of your proposal and you can improve your condition in life.

If you never learn how to do this you will never be paid what you are worth. The facts of economics are most people are underpaid their entire life only because they either don’t offer enough value or don’t get the proper attention of those that control the money.

Don’t Say:

  • Man, I’ve been here a long time.
  • I do a good job.
  • I’m never sick.
  • If I can’t get this, I’m going to leave.

And remember, no data, no dollars!


The workplace is filled with people of all ages, from kids fresh out of high school to aging Baby Boomers. Whether you were born in the 1950’s, 60’s 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, or 00’s you can succeed big in your career right now.

I don’t care about age, so whether you’re 20 or 50, if you can bring value to the marketplace, you can increase your income. Here’s my general advice for each age group:


millennial money

You might not have a clearly defined path yet. This doesn’t mean you should take your parents advice. You may not need college. Ditching college and getting a few years of experience in the marketplace before your peers might be the best thing you ever do.

You don’t need to necessarily travel either, don’t go backpack around Europe.

This is not the time to wander and “find yourself”. You need to start packing dough away. Delay gratification and look to first invest in you, then make as much money as you can. Remember, you can’t save it until you make it.


1980 kids

Too many people stop making new friends after age 30. Back in your 20’s you’re still meeting new people, expanding your network beyond your high school class and college class, but by thirty too many people have settled down with the friends they’ve already made.

Start meeting new people and intentionally go out and network!

By your 30’s you should be promoted if you haven’t been job hopping. Figure out how to add more value to the place you already work at. You might just need to relocate. Shake things up.

You don’t need to go back to school to get your MBA, but it might be time to take some risks if you’re starting to plateau.


If you’re not learning new things in your 40’s you’ll quickly become a dinosaur. Your career, your business should have taken off a decade ago, and if you’re still struggling it’s because you’ve made wrong moves or have the wrong information.

No matter how well you’re doing, now’s the time to learn something new.

You’re even going to start becoming younger here or you’re going to start aging very fast.


Stereotypically this is the decade you should be seeing the fruits of your labors.

I made more money in my 50’s than my first 50 years combined.

If you’re still doing what you hate and you’re broke, it’s now or never to try something new. If you got less than 100K at this stage you’re completely broke anyway so why not just go for it and swing for the fences?

If you’re doing well, stop counting down the clock to retirement. The more you look to retirement, the less productive you’ll become today.

Forget about retirement right now, put your head down and make this the best career years of your life and enjoy it.

No matter what your age, you can make the remainder of this decade the best of your career!

Review for Steps to Getting a Raise:

#1 Keep Telling Yourself, “I want more money I cannot lie.”

Don’t believe any of this stuff about money making people bad. Bad people are bad people whether they have money or not and money can’t make a good person bad. You need money. You deserve more money but first, you have to get your head right about money.

#2 Be in an environment where there is more money.

Here’s a hint. There’s no money at your house. Neither money nor success will find you at home. You must go where the money is. Money is probably not at your desk either or in your office. Go and be with the people that have money!

#3 Find out what the person in front of you wants.

Take the time to determine what you would have to do to get your raise. Once you satisfy what people want, they will give you the money you want and deserve.

#4 Get them what they want and earn your raise.

This is where you need to know what product or service solves the customer’s problems and must be completely sold that it will do so. You cannot have reservations or doubts.

#5 Keep asking until you get it.

So now it’s your time. Every day is your time to get your raise.

Most people are not making near what they are worth or even close.

Push yourself to be great because there is plenty of money out there.

Get your head right and your skills right and go get what you deserve and need!

money proverb

Why you won’t get a raise:

  1. You don’t ask.
  2. You never had the job in the first place.
  3. Wrong vehicle (wrong company).
  4. Wrong position within the company.
  5. You’re not great.


Some of you are currently out of work. Others of you are already employed but want something better. It’s tough getting a new job either way—and sending out your resume just doesn’t cut it.

Despite what it may seem, there are many people out there looking to hire, and I want to encourage you today that you can get any job you want, even if you are unemployed.

Here are some tips to get you that job and get you that raise in pay you want!

#1 Never Rely on Resumes

You should have a resume and you need to keep it current and show all of your accomplishments, but the resume isn’t going to land you your job. I don’t even look at someone’s resume at my company.

The resume is about what you have done but all I care about is what you can do for me in the future. Businesses don’t hire a resume they hire people that can help the company bring in more revenue. Never rely on a resume.

#2 Stop Counting on Recruiters

The truth is others shouldn’t need to get you your next job. Headhunters and recruiters are representing many people and they won’t present you better than you will. You need to have the mindset that you are the only one that will make this new job thing happen!

Don’t leave it up to recruiters and pass the responsibility to them. You are dependent upon you.

#3 Don’t Depend on the HR Department

Seek to bypass HR even though this is not politically correct. Your goal is to find out who knows the players in the company and get your story in front of the decision makers. HR are just the gatekeepers.

It is the decision makers who have the most invested in moving the company forward. You want to get in front of them, not in front of HR. That said, treat the HR people like millionaires and you might get to the decision makers.

#4 Quit Leaning on the Internet

Too many people do all their job searching on social networking sites and while they may be a good place to get a date, it will not get you your dream job. Let the other 25 million people depend on the ‘net’ while you get yourself physically in front of decision makers.

It’s one thing to pitch yourself on a computer screen, quite another to do it in person. Unplug and get outside.

#5 Get Great at Selling

Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission. If you want a job, you will have to sell yourself. Never go into an interview like the majority do. They just are looking to be interviewed. You go in to sell yourself.

Never communicate from the viewpoint of what the company can do for you but what you can do for the company. My book Sell or Be Sold—which you can get for FREE, discusses how to sell yourself to decision makers about why you are the one they should hire.

#6 “Superfreak” the Interview

I’m not talking about being crazy or doing something dumb just for attention. I’m talking about doing a great presentation.

Don’t talk about what you have done in the past, but about what you are going to do for the company in the future. Make big claims and focus on making the company revenue.

Things like being a team player, loyalty, and dependability may be some of your attributes, but they will not land you your dream job. Keep your focus on how you bring revenue to the company—and never talk about how you have been let go wrongly or how bad your past employers were.

Don’t listen to those that say no one is hiring. It’s a lie. Plenty of people are willing to hire GREAT people.

There are always businesses looking for productive, solution-oriented people that can grow their revenue. Have the attitude that you will find your job and stay away from other unemployed people who complain and moan about their lot in life.

Your Dream Job

It’s been said that having a J.O.B. means you’re just over broke. I don’t like that saying.

If someone says that to you, they have the wrong job.

Many people are working for someone else right now and getting rich. You don’t have to own your own business!

But if you are working for someone else, and if you are broke, it’s not a dream job.

A dream job is not what you want to do.

A dream job will pay you enough money to make money to have choices.

Don’t tell me how much you love your job; tell me how much paper you get.

You need to get in the right vehicle. The right vehicle will have the right driver, someone willing to accelerate and go.

Don’t move to an industry that is dying. The right vehicle will have horsepower and not just give you the job you want, but the life you want.

When you are out hunting for that dream job you need to be looking for two things:

The Big M and the Big V

The Big M: Margin

The 99-cent store will never pay enough because they have no margin. All companies need margin but many companies make so little of it that they have nothing leftover to expand or to pay people.

Having big margins gives cash and life to a business. Your dream job will be with a company that has BIG margins.

The Big V: Volume

Selling airplanes may have big margin but there is no volume in that. You don’t want to have a sale and then go a month with nothing.

You want to be able to duplicate often and have a high frequency. Businesses fail first and foremost because their ideas weren’t sold quickly enough and in quantities great enough.

hump day

Every company worth working for will have margin and volume. If the company you are looking at only has 1 of the 2, it’s not going to be a dream job.

You can make $50,000 a year for a while, but sooner or later you will start to hate the job because you know your paycheck is spent before you even get it. Don’t just get the job you want—build the life you want.

You need to be looking to your future, not your Fridays.

The margin and volume of a company allow opportunity—and opportunity is the right vehicle.

Remember that everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission. If you want a job, you will have to sell yourself. My book Sell or Be Sold discusses how to sell yourself to decision makers about why you are the one they should hire.

If you want to get off the hamster wheel, you need to find the right job with the right company.

Interviewing at a New Company

You can be qualified, nice, and desirable as an employee, but you can still easily blow the interview.

People are asking about benefits, health care, where will their office be located, when and how much vacation do they get, and they blow their interview. Don’t ask how much you’re going to be paid, or when you’re going to get your first raise.


  • Ask about vacation time
  • Ask about pay
  • Ask where your office will be located
  • Ask for your benefits


  • Ask for your potential opportunity
  • Tell them how you will help solve their problems
  • Know what you’re looking for

Job Interview Fails

I’m sick of hiring people that are uninspired. I’m done with people who can make more excuses than they can make money. I’m over the book smart but people stupid, and I’ll throw up if I hear again what you did rather than what you can do.

I have two rules at my company:

  1. Find great people
  2. Never tolerate average

I need people who will refuse to settle. Trust me, if someone has even the slightest hint of being a whiner or a crybaby—I’ll find out. I don’t care about someone’s past.

If someone brings it all, they will have a real shot, a real opportunity at real money and a real future at my company.

Having gone through countless job interviews—on camera and off, I want to give you a few more tips today to avoid during a job interview.

#1 Negativity

Have a smile and quit complaining about your last boss or job and how terrible everything was. I want enthusiasm, eye contact, and positivity around my company. If you have a lack of passion in your interview, I can only imagine what your level of interest will be at 4:30 PM on a Thursday afternoon.

#2 Being Unprepared

 It happens more often than not and time and time again I have to tell people to get their own house in order before they come to me. Why would anyone want to hire someone who hasn’t researched the company, doesn’t even know its mission, and lacks knowledge of the position itself?

Worse are those who can’t even explain what they can offer me because they don’t know themselves.

#3 No Follow-Up

People think that the interview is it and never once follow up after the initial screening. They wait to receive something passively. A job is just like any other sale you make in life. It takes follow-up. Keep showing an interest in the employer.

Stay interested. Creativity follows commitment.

#4 Pairing Up

Never show up to a job interview with someone else. It’s a job interview for you not for your friend or partner. It’s your job, so go at it alone!

#5 Not Hungry

 Why would you go to an interview and have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude? Why be disinterested? Is it a fear of rejection?

I don’t want people on my team who aren’t hungry because they will bail when the going gets tough. You need to want it. You need to be hungry.

#6 Showing Up Late

This happens way too often with people. If you can’t show up on time for the interview I have no faith you would show up on time Monday morning.

An interview isn’t easy, but if you come in prepared with the right skills, the right motivation, and the right attitude, you’ll do better than 99.99% of people out there.

I make it difficult for those who come to interview at my company only because my expectations are high.

Last Words of advice:

Before I committed to sales I was broke. Once I committed and started learning everything I could about sales, I began making real money for the first time in my life.

You can have anything you want in life if you learn how to sell. People go to school to get a “good job” paying 60-80K a year. In sales, you can start doing 60-80K a month, but you have to learn sales.

A Career in Sales is Like a Car

The education that you first receive is the car itself; it’s what you base your knowledge on, it’s how you get around, it’s how you hit the road running. Your development is when you modify the car or make repairs; whether it’s a new stereo for an optimum sound system, a better set of spark plugs, or replacing the fuel pump.

These things all have to be done occasionally so that the car—your sales career—is running at its best. Career-wise, gas is motivation. Use your education as leverage, continue to develop necessary skills, and motivate yourself consistently (maybe more often than you fill your gas tank!)

Understand that outcome isn’t always immediate—that’s why it’s called “an investment!”

Invest in Your Career

Just as you invest in your education, development, and personal motivation, investing in your career and your business is incredibly valuable. Your career is more than just your day job; it’s more than work that pays the bills.

Commit and be willing to invest in something that occupies so much of your life. Once you do so, you’ll experience huge growth in your job, your company, and yourself as a person.

When you invest in your career, you have to make the outcome of the business your priority. If you’re the top sales guy, but the company goes under, you’re just as unemployed as the rest of them.

Think in terms of working for the greater good, for the benefit of the people around you. Big mindset and big goals, means greater outcomes!

That’s how to get a raise.

Be Great,


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