Making Big Claims

You can’t be afraid to make big claims about your products or services.

I always make big claims about my training. The reason isn’t to try and manipulate or trick a customer into buying, but rather that they believe that I know what my products do.

But the point isn’t to lie, it’s to back up those big claims. My clients on my on-demand training program are told about the results and the achievements that they can expect. My team then works tirelessly to make sure that those results happen.

You have to ensure the buyer that this isn’t just an option, but rather, it’s the best and only option. They cannot and will not find anything better to help them. Then you have to back it up. You need to present third party data to back up those claims, and follow up to ensure that those claims are true.

I always make big claims, but I only consider a sale successful when those claims are made true.

  • Larissa Terry

    That is very good idea to create the claim! a Big One! Be Truthful!
    I am wondering 😉
    How Big one can get as to be recognised by and presented with Nobel Price?!
    How Big Claim can be bigger where a Result was Recognised and get to The Guinness Book of Records?! ——– would very good to have some help to create a pitch. Anyone?

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