Dare to Dream

Remember when you were a kid and you had dreams? When nothing in the world was going to stop you? Well what’s stopping you now?

Somewhere along the lines, your brain got in the way. It was filled with “advice” from your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, friends, and other people who told you to settle for something less. To go for something more stable and realistic.

But you can’t stop yourself from dreaming. You have to dream, it’s a part of human nature. So why not use those dreams to achieve something big?

I still have dreams of things that I want done. Which is why I work so hard to make those dreams come true. I don’t think about just getting by, or just trying to be steady and “secure.” I aim for something bigger. I am for my dreams.

You have to start thinking bigger. You have to think, with every client presentation, with every phone call, with every email, with every breath of air that you take, “How is this helping me achieve my dreams?”

Take five minutes, write down your top 5 dreams. Now think, with every action you do today about how you’re working towards those dreams.

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