Interview Fails

Many people misunderstand the whole “Whatever It Takes” thing. I don’t need wack-wacks, I don’t need crazies. I need people who can get the job done ethically, not people that take shortcuts. I get nutzos and crazies coming into my office all the time. I need people who are focused. I’m sick of hiring people that are uninspired. I’m done with people who can make more excuses than they can make money. I’m over the book smart but people stupid, and I’ll throw up if I hear again what you did rather than what you can do. That’s why I created a reality TV series called Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview. It’s not a challenge, it’s not a contest—it’s the way I hire people. Season 2 premieres tonight at 10 PM EST at I have two rules: 1. Find great people 2. Never tolerate average I need people who will refuse to settle. Trust me, if someone has even the slightest hint of being a whiner or a crybaby—I’ll find out. I don’t care about someone’s past. If they bring it all, they will have a real shot, a real opportunity at real money and a real future at my company. Having gone through countless job interviews—on camera and off, I want to give you a few tips today to avoid during a job interview. 1. Negativity: Have a smile and quit complaining about your last boss or job and how terrible everything was. I want enthusiasm, eye contact, and positivity around my company. If you have a lack of passion in your interview, I can only imagine what your level of interest will be at 4:30 PM on a Thursday afternoon. 2. Being Unprepared: It happens more often than not and time and time again I have to tell people to get their own house in order before they come to me. Why would anyone want to hire someone who hasn’t researched the company, doesn’t even know its mission, and lacks knowledge of the position itself? Worse are those who can’t even explain what they can offer me because they don’t know themselves. 3. No Follow-Up: People think that the interview is it and never once follow up after the initial screening. They wait to receive something passively. A job is just like any other sale you make in life. It takes follow-up. Keep showing an interest in the employer. Stay interested. Creativity follows commitment. 4. Pairing Up: Never show up to a job interview with someone else. It’s a job interview for you not for your friend or partner. It’s your job, so go at it alone! 5. Not Hungry: Why would you go to an interview and have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude? Why be disinterested? Is it a fear of rejection? I don’t want people on my team who aren’t hungry because they will bail when the going gets tough. You need to want it. You need to be hungry. 6. Showing Up Late: This happens way too often with people. If you can’t show up on time for the interview I have no faith you would show up on time Monday morning. An interview isn’t easy, but if you come in prepared with the right skills, the right motivation, and the right attitude, you’ll do better than 99.99% of people out there. I make it difficult for those who come to interview at my company only because my expectations are high. Check out Season 2 of Whatever It Takes and Tweet me your thoughts at @GrantCardone and tell me if you think I handled the candidates in the right way. Be great, nothing else pays! GC

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