The 10X Super Life

Around the office today, people are talking about the newest blockbuster Batman vs. Superman and how their basketball brackets are doing. They will then go back to their desks and start watching cat videos and playing candy crush or farm games. It’s Spring cleaning time, and that means you need to clean up your work environment—not just your home. It’s time to start being Batman AND Superman—it’s time to start living a 10X Super Life. Some tips to live a 10X Super Life: 1. Someone tells you that you are working too much: Anyone that suggests to you to do less is not a good influence for you. Do people know you because of your unbelievable work ethic? If you can’t answer YES to that, you’re not going to get into that top 10 percent of earners. Tell that person that you are working to your potential, not a quota. Nobody good tells Batman or Superman they do too much. 2. Someone tells you they have given up on the company target: Any goal that is followed by enough action is attainable. Almost every problem people face in their careers and other aspects of their lives—such as failed diets, marriages, and financial problems—are all the result of not taking enough action. Tell that person that you aren’t going to give up on it, and that everyone needs to start doing more. Evil wins when Batman and Superman quit fighting for their super life. 3. Someone tells you to slow down: Fast is the new big. Perfection is the killer to production. Perfection is basically a symptom of procrastination. There is no reason to slow down. If anything, you need to speed up. Tell that person that there’s no speed limit and that they need to step on the gas. Neither Batman nor Superman works slowly. The 10X Super Life: Be Batman & Superman - Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week Don’t just talk about Batman vs. Superman today. Live the 10X Super Life like Batman and Superman. When I think about Batman I think about the following traits: – He is passionate about his cause. – He is unwavering in his ethics. – He has great persistence when it comes to his missions. – He is physically jacked up and has high energy. – He has love for his city and the people in his life and has dedicated his life to their protection. – He has all the money he needs but fights every night to keep growing his power, influence and wealth of life. When I think about Superman I think about the following traits. – He’s strong enough that he can’t be stopped. – He cares about people. – He’s a loner and gets the job done. – He does big, crazy stuff. – He does not ever give up when he’s on a mission. – He doesn’t just protect a city, he fights for the entire planet. Be the tortoise and the hare. Be Batman and Superman. Be great today. 10X baby, GC

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  • Kain Vodic

    This is absolute drivel. This is complete fantasy – just saying the words doesn’t make it so.
    This site is appealing to the most basic notions of greed and fear.
    There is only one person prospering from this rubbish.

  • Cheryl Alpert

    I so agree with your post. When I am not at full tilt I am not achieving my best. My all fuels me to strive more, harder and with passion. Thanks for adding inspiration to me as I begin my new career in RE.

  • Justin Shively

    Spoken like a poor person.

  • Joshua katzele

    What a great post. EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning!! 10X!!!

  • josh lugembe

    I agree.

    At times you look around and wonder, why these people don’t see what you see? Why so many people are ready to learn more, to push for some more, to go all in, to do #whateverittakes?

    It’s crazy.

    And one thing I know is, since there are no many people who think 10X, it’s our duty to simply crash it all down, to burn whatever is in the way… because petty thinking belongs to majority. And unfortunately, majority are living a mediocre all the way!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  • jp

    I had a conversation with a guy that was the head psychologist at a firm where an evaluation was required for the interview process. He told me that if 95% of the population did it there was a good chance that it would be accurate or “sane” choice to make, on the other hand if you made decisions in the 5% area the chance increases that you may not be making choices that the rest of the population would see as “sane” or accurate. I think about that saying every day, and I focus on the 5% after all of my study for over 20 years, every marketing class, and every television infomercial that was trying to get me to see that i should do what no one else does clearly defines me. I was always considered left field and so far from what everyone else thought, it occurred to me that I wasn’t the one with the problem. Taking Grants books, and mentality to my career and implementing these tactics, in addition to the knowledge I already have, I found myself more educated than anyone I worked with combined. I grew up being told “knowledge is power”, and that is no joke. However finding coworkers that have the spirit to increase their energy to sell more, do more, and be more always never happens. So you question your judgement daily because no one is on your level. I like it up there, and will continue to remain in the 5% mentality forever.

  • david

    Great message – you can use the movie as a reason to BS at work or an inspiration to be great at work. Thank you.

  • Anthony Jordan

    Thanks, Grant! Happy Easter to
    You, Elena and the kids! 10X RULES!

  • Sammy Barnes

    Grant’s usually good, but this was silly. He obviously does not read comic books

    And I’m sure he did not write this useless drivel.

  • Lorenzo Pierre

    Awesome analogy Grant. These are the traits we need to embody to live the 10X lifestyle.

  • Tom Castellon

    That is so awesome. Made my day. Thanks Grant.

  • Marc Logan

    Boom. No limitations. Be both. #10X

  • Brad

    1st – Batman tells superman and superman tells batman that they are doing too much all the time because they understand that one man can’t do it all.
    2nd – Neither Batman or Superman fight for their super life. That doesn’t even make sense. They fight for the greater good.
    3rd – Batman works slowly all the time. He devolps plans that take years to unfold because he understands that sometimes, patience is key. He works very slowly when he knows it’s needed.
    4th – The tortoise won. The hare lost. You can’t be a winner and a loser, you either win or lose. That’s it.

  • Amber Felt

    Inspiring. See you at the Top.

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