Pledge of Abundance

The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 four hundred years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Today, put your hand over your heart and recite: I pledge allegiance to the creation of success, and to my family’s success for which I stand, with liberty and freedom available for all. Look, you need more—more than just basic needs. You need to succeed, and that means more than just a job, access to health care, an education, housing, food, and transportation. Life is brutal—you need more than just basic needs. If basic needs are all you’re looking to get that’s all you will get. People aren’t planning for emergencies. They act surprised when something bad happens, but people aren’t prepared because they chase just basic needs. Don’t be interested in “getting by”. How is success different than getting by? Success is abundance. I don’t want “just enough”, I want so much that I can afford to waste. How many parents tell their children to eat everything on their plate? I always leave something on my plate. Why? Because I have an abundance. I don’t want to think in terms of shortages. How many people have enough to be grateful for what they have, but never enough to not be scared about the potential of not having enough to take care of basic needs if something unexpected happens? If someone is going to be unhappy it would still be better to have a lot of money to go with their unhappiness. I have invested time and energy to learn how to create abundance in every area of my life—at home, in my marriage, with my kids, with friends, and in the community I look to improve the conditions of those around me. I am not just rich, I am wealthy. The rent on success is due every day. You will have to grind on days you don’t want to grind. To create massive success for you and your family will require you to commit. Liberty and freedom is available for all, but few pay the price. Make a pledge to the creation of success today. It is your duty, obligation, and responsibility. Liberty and freedom are just a lot of hustle away. Be a hungry dog-on-the-back-of-a-meat-truck and get your success. If you’d be interested in a great tool to catapult you in the right direction, get on Cardone University today. Nobody will come and make you successful.

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