Increase Your Water Intake

Increase your water intake. Look, I know people that keep a gallon of this with them. Some of the highest producing, most productive people I know literally drink gallons of water. I know a guy named Chris who used to walk around with a gallon of water everywhere he was constantly consuming water, constantly. He was just lubricating his body and I was like oh my god that is brilliant.

The problem with water and me is this: I never have enough around me. So I go for whatever is quick. Water is good for you. Most of your body is made up of water. The more saturated you can stay with water the more real long-term energy you are going to have.

Increase your water intake. It can’t hurt you and you know it is going to help you. It is going to keep your body working. It is going to keep you loose and it is going to give you confidence. Probably the most importantly, it is going to give you the confidence that you’re in charge of your fluid intake. That’s why I am telling you man; watch what you eat, watch the sugars and increase the water intake because it is going to give you some confidence.

Look, if I can’t control my body, how am I going to control my motivation? You get it? If I can’t control what I am going to put in my body, in my fuel tank, how can I control how motivated, excited and inspired I am going to be?

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