Avoid Foods with Sugars

Avoid foods with sugars. You know what I’m talking about; all that candy, the chocolate. You know you don’t like it. You know your body doesn’t like it but you’re like, “But Grant, I do like it, I love it!” Dude, I love it too. I love chocolate, almost any chocolate I like to eat. But one piece is never enough, two pieces isn’t enough and the next thing you know I get this spike and then I crash.

There is plenty of proven data out there that sugar is not good for me. I can give it to a 3-year old and watch what they do. They go freakin’ trippy. The next thing you know, you want to know why this 3-year old has got a problem. The 3-year old has got a problem because you’re giving him too much sugar. You give him sugar drinks, you give him sugar candy, you give him lollipops as a way to bribe him to do what you tell him to. I know, I do it as a father. But you want to avoid sugars during the day. It is killing your motivation. It is killing your ability to drive for long periods of time to stay focused and excited.

To be in charge of your body is vital and critical and that starts with being in charge of your diet. So what are you eating everyday? Can you say no to something? Can you say no to the things that are bad for you? One of the biggest problems I have with alcohol is not the alcohol. It is the amount of sugar in the alcohol. That’s the thing that I worry about most with alcohol, not that little buzz I get. Not even the headache I get the next day, which I hate. It is the sugar contained in it that I know has got to be rushing through my system. How does my body get rid of it? Where does it go?

Look, avoid foods with sugar. See if you can do this for the next 30 days. It doesn’t mean that you are going to quit sugar completely. I am not a freak about any of this stuff. Personally, I hate Diet Cokes, I know they are not good for me. Doesn’t mean that I won’t have one on occasion.

Avoid foods with sugar. This doesn’t mean you are going to kick them out completely. It means you are going to try to start eliminating them.

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