Say Yes to Life

Say yes to life. Say yes to your customers, say yes to your kids, say yes to your spouse, say yes to life, to living, and to opportunity.

Look, too many people are saying no all the time. Saying “nah I got to think about it, I am not sure, let me go home, let me look at it, let me do some research.” What’s that about?

Let me just say yes to everything. Why don’t you say yes to everything? What would happen? You might be thinking, “Well Grant I may end up saying yes to things that are bad for me.” We’re not talking about doing things that are bad for you. We’ve already said that you need to be ethical in order to be motivated. The criminal is not motivated. No criminals are motivated long term. You can see how their life ends. To go steal money doesn’t mean I’m motivated. So I am not talking about saying yes to things that are bad for you. That’s off the list.

I am saying yes to life. Anything that expands life, opportunity, experiences. Doing things you’ve never done before. My wife says, “Let’s go eat Indian food!” Let’s go do it baby! Well, I hate Indian food, HATE IT! But I say yes let’s go do it. Let me have  this experience. Maybe it will be different this time. How many foods did you eat early in your life that you hated and today you’re like “I love that food?” Maybe things changed.

Say yes to sky diving, say yes to bungee jumping. Say yes to life! Say yes to anything that is survival, good for you and I promise you, you are going to be more motivated.

My mom recently died and I remember pushing my mom at 86-years old, 85-years old, 84-years old, 76, at 52 all along the way, no matter what my mother’s age was. She was my unbelievably good friend. She’d always say no and I would be like “I don’t care if you say no we’re doing it anyway.” Whether she was 52 or 86 I kept pushing that woman. I just said let’s say yes to life and now we have all these memories. All these experiences of me and her doing things I wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Say yes! Say yes to anything that is survival.

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