Have a 30 Minute Finance Meeting with Your Family

Have a 30-minute financial meeting with your family every week.

Now I do Sundays, me and my wife and the kids meet every Sunday. We have a 30-minute finance meeting just to go over our finances. What’s my income like, what’s my outflow like, what are our investments doing?

Why would I want to look at that? You know, most people don’t have money because they don’t even look at their money. They don’t want to take responsibility for it and then when they do do it they turn it over to some financial person and maybe once a year they talk about it.

Look, every Sunday I look at my money. Every morning I look at my goals. Every night before I go to sleep I look at my goals. Every time I fail I go back and look at my goals and every Sunday, I spend 30-minutes looking at my money with my family so I’ve got everybody on the same table – we’re playing the same game. I don’t have my wife running off in one direction, the kids are running off in another direction and I am trying to hold everything together.

No, I want to get everybody together. Let’s talk money; let’s talk finances, why? Hey, because it’s important. Some say, “Money isn’t everything Grant.” What are you doing giving me advice on money? C’mon! Get real here! What’s going on here? You’re going to tell me money is not everything. You ain’t got any money you know why?

I am talking to most of the people. Most people don’t have money because you were miseducated about it. Misinformed about it, told bad things about it and most importantly – you don’t spend any time looking at it. And if you don’t spend any time looking at money no wonder you hate going to work cause everybody is going to make money out of the deal but you.

And then you wonder why you’re not motivated. You’re not motivated because you’re working too hard for too little money. Look, I need to be motivated by money so I can fulfill my purpose. But there needs to be enough money involved for me to be excited about it and when I do get money I don’t need to blow it or waste it or put it in some investment that goes away and all of a sudden I am demotivated about money again.

Most people are not excited about money. That’s why they get rid of it so quick. That’s why they actually don’t like money because they attach money to a failure. The way to flip this is to have at least a 30-minute meeting once a week with your family about your money about your investments, about where it’s coming from, and about where it’s going.

Four times a week that’s all this takes, I promise you’ll find yourself more motivated.

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