Families Need Goals

At least once a month I want you to meet with your family about your goals, your objectives, those things that drive you, excite you that you want to accomplish.

And maybe have them share their goals and their objectives with you and then you guys see what you could do to align everybody’s goals and objectives and get a bunch of cheerleaders pulling for the team all to go across the finish line.

Look, you need a monthly goal; you need everybody on the same page. You do this in business right? I hope you do it in business. You take the team and y’all all have your same goals and objectives meeting once a month or twice month or every quarter.

Why not do it with your family? Look, who do you spend most of your time with? And then why are you doing it anyway? Why? To make your life better not just your business better, to make it all better. So once a month I want you to start meeting with your family. At least once a month, minimum once a month meet with your family on goals, objectives, and dreams.

I am not talking about things we need to do. You’re saying, “Hey man we want to go on a trip this year.” Good. That’s a goal. I want to get a helicopter. Good, how are we going to get that? Somebody says, “Oh, that’s silly who needs a helicopter?” You don’t need to do this at the meeting. No goal is silly! You know, my helicopter that might be this month’s goal and then next month that was stupid. So what? Don’t laugh at me; encourage me. Just keep brushing me up, keep giving me the feather. Do it man, you want a helicopter? Yeah, let’s get two of them, we’ll get up in the sky and fight each other. I am probably going to give up on it in a couple of months and say, “That was dumb.”

Maybe you want a big house. That’s probably dumb too. Look, go for it. Go for it and have the family talking about what your goals are, what your dreams are, what your objectives are. And you guys nurture those concepts because it’s goals, the future that motivates everyone.

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