Write Your Goals Down Again Before You Go to Sleep

Write your goals down again before you go to sleep each night.

Look, this is my trick; I write them down in the morning and I write them down at night.

Before I go to sleep at night I might do this; I write two lists down. Who could I contact? Do you remember that one? Who could I contact that will change my life and then what are my goals, what are my targets, what are my lifetime objectives.

Now you want me to take it to a freak level? Hey what are my objectives over the next 1,000 years? Uh-huh, want to get excited? Want to start stretching yourself beyond good and mediocre and average and the way everybody else thinks?

Start really projecting into the future. Here’s what I am doing here. I wake up in the morning, I write my goals down. I am not talking about what I am doing today. I’ve got that handled. That’s done, that’s in the schedule. I am writing my lifetime goals and maybe even longer than that and I am like, “Oh man, I’ve got a lot of work to do I’ve got to go.” I am motivating myself.

Look, nobody else can do this for you. If you are not doing these things that I am telling you about in my blogs then somebody else is always trying to push you along. Management, quit doing that with your people. Push them, shove them, and make them write their goals down every morning and every night. Make them bring them into work and if they don’t like it say, “Go away bro.” There are plenty other places to work.

I write them down in the morning, I write them down at night. Why? I want to wake up to it. I want to go to sleep to it and I want to dream with it. I want to control what I am sleeping with each night, not some stranger. Right?

I want to write my goals down before I go to sleep at night because they are important to me, they are valuable to me and I get to wake up to them again tomorrow.

Write your goals down. Just try it this week. First thing you do in the morning, last thing you do at night.

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