Attack Your Fear with Commitment

If you ever watch a person eat fire, you will learn that the only “trick” to eating fire is to commit completely.

Swallow the fire by putting your mouth completely around the stick and keeping it closed until you exhaust all oxygen the fire requires to stay alive. Pull away too early and the oxygen will refuel, causing the fire to burn you.

The same is true with fear. If you back off in the least you provide your fear with the oxygen required to keep it alive. Commit all the way and you snuff out your fears and win in life!

Eat your fears, don’t feed them by backing off! Learn to use fear and look for it so you can overcome your fears and advance your life.

Fear is the thing I use in my life that lets me know I am growing and expanding. It does not take money or luck to create a great life, it takes courage and action.

Fear, like fire, is not something you should pull away from but something you should use to fuel the actions of your life!

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